EBR is a leader in the development and the manufacturing of complete equipments for the food industry

Whatever you produce - dairies, cooked meats, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, pastries, candies, beers or alcohols, EBR has the technologies and the expertise to optimize your production with its durable machineries and highly effective processes.


Since its foundation in 1976, EBR kept taking expansion: the enterprise is well-known everywhere in America, up to the extreme south of the continent. Thanks to its high production capacity and the agreements of distribution of European products, EBR’s quality now spreads everywhere in the world.

As a Quebec enterprise, EBR is located east of Canada. Its geographical situation is the best harbour site for international exportation. By an optimized transportation logistics, EBR delivers everywhere in the world within competing delays. In addition to the transport by boat (from the Port of Quebec), EBR also use transport by railway ways, truck and plane. EBR doesn’t hesitate to maximize the delivery ways to answer the international requests.  

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With its sophisticated informatic systems, its specialized technicians and its great experience, EBR represents the all-inclusive in equipment manufacturing. Our ingeniery department develops complete equipments, guaranteed.

From the design to the installation, it’s EBR’s commitment to offer you a total service and expertise. In addition to its fair prices and its perfect geographic situation for exportation, EBR is known world-wide for the output of its equipments and the quality of their manufacturing. No matter what is your project, EBR commits itself to offer its clients the equipments they expect.